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    April 20, 2013
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>> we all felt bad that she could not finish the 26.2 miles. we decided that we would help her finish these last .2. >> it's incredible. the students, they make everything, win, lose, doesn't matter, they make everything worth it. >> and president obama keeps saying we will finish the race. thank you for starting your morning with us. >> we have so much more to come all morning here on "cnn saturday morning," and our next hour begins right now. good morning, everybody. i am john vermin. >> and i am christine romans. we would like to welcome our viewers. >> this is a special edition of "cnn saturday morning" live from boston.
the dramatic end to this historic, unprecedented manhunt. >> it shut down boston and the surrounding suburbs, this siege, really. listen to what happened with the news that the suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev was in custody. >> and residents waving middle eastern flags, and it ordeal ended with this shoot-out last night. >> police are not saying right now whether dzhokhar was not in last night's gun shoot-out, but we know he was wounded in the thursday shoot-out with police that killed his brother. >> this shows the bloody teen on a boat where he likely had been
hiding for hours. the boat's owner says he saw smeared blood and pulled back a tarp, a tarp that the hook on the tarp had been cut, and the suspect was lying there and was weak from blood loss and still refused to surrender until the last gunfire. >> so many facets to this story. this photo has been passed around a lot. an source took this after he was arrested. >> this photo shows him in the back of an ambulance being taken to the hospital. he remains in the hospital in serious condition. >> the fbi was quick to announce the dramatic conclusion shortly after the arrest, and on the website updated the wanted po poster adding captured.
>> shortly after, the president addressed the nation. >> our nation is in debt to the people of boston and the people of massachusetts. after a vicious attack on their city, bostonens responded with resolve and determination. they did their part as citizens and partners in the investigation. boston police and state police and local police across massachusetts acted with professionalism and bravery, and because of their efforts we can close an important chapter in this tragedy. >> poppy harlow is in watertown to walk us through the 24 hours leading up to his arrest, and the teen suspect right now is under heavy, heavy guard. we have been told the suspect lost a lot of blood. what do we know about his
condition right now? >> reporter: authorities are saying that he is in serious condition. we don't know the exact extent of his injuries or where they are, but authorities are saying he was weakened from a substantial amount of blood loss when he was discovered yesterday. let's take a look at this picture. this is from cbs news, and it shows dzhokhar on the boat in the back of a watertown home. the resident noticed the tarp had blood on it, and he found dzhokhar curled up and losing blood. there are indications he was shot in the gunfire early in the morning, and then there is a possibility that he was injured again during the shoot-out at the boat. as far as we know right now he is in serious condition. the fbi is in charge of handling all media request and we are hoping for an update soon. >> what kind of security are you
seeing at the hospital right now? >> reporter: there has been a steady presence of security here at the hospital every since he arrived here last night. can you see behind me here there are several officers outside the hospital. in fact, there are more here than earlier when we arrived, and we have seen several officers inside the hospital. there is a large presence, and we are assuming there are more where his hospital room is as well. so they are taking security very seriously here. >> thanks, pam, and we will check in with you again soon. poppy harlow joins us from watertown. we are hearing about the dramatic capture in a man's backyard, he noticed the tarp was flapping, and tell us about the discovery of the suspect. >> reporter: thank goodness for the man that lives not far from here. he and his family holed up in
their house here all day, very tense and nervous as the manhunt was going on for dzhokhar tsarnaev, and then the lock in order lifted, and then he noticed, the boat he had tightly winterized in his backyard, he strapped down the tarp so tough it had not moved throughout winter, it was flapping in the wind. that struck his attention. he walks up and notices one of the retention straps had been cut, and then he sees a little something that looks like blood. so his stepson told her piers morgan that his dad put his head under the tarp and saw a pool of blood, and he thought manhunt, pool of blood, and this is not right. and he called 911 immediately, and the police showed up and
fired rounds and rounds in the backyard after the family was evacuated from the house. and also, dave said he saw something crumbled up inside that boat. we all know what that something was. minutes later, the capture. they wisk dzhokhar tsarnaev away. listen. >> we are so grateful to be here right now. we are so grateful to bring justice and a closure to this case. to those families that lost loved ones, or suffered injuries to live with for the rest of their lives, for a police officer, a young man starting a career at mit, and a police officer with the nbta who almost lost his life, and neighborhoods that lived in fear for an entire day, we are eternally grateful
with the outcome tonight. we have a suspect in custody. >> reporter: that is when cheers erupted on the streets of boston. here in watertown, i ran into a group of about 400 college students flooding the streets and chanting things like "usa, usa," and "this is boston," and they were related after the week of terror was over. i do want to mention, and this is so important when you look at the scenes and you see the jubilation, guys, this city has not recovered. they have a long way to go. at this hour 58 people still hospitalized from injuries from the horrific attack. three incritical condition, two children. and we have four lives lost in all of this, 8-year-old martin richard, the chinese exchange student, lingzi lu, and krystle
campbell, and the officer sean collier shotdown. >> so many questions. motive? was there anybody that may have helped them? why did they shoot that police officer? all these questions still remain. the oldest brother, tamerlan tsarnaev in-laws and wife are asking the public to please respect their privacy at this time. and as we know, tamerlan was the bombing suspect killed in a shoot-out with police. a statement issued outside the family's north king's town rhode island home rings, quote, our daughter has lost her husband today, the father of her child. we cannot begin to comprehend how this horrible tragedy occurred. in the aftermath of the horror, we know that we never really knew tamerlan tsarnaev. our hearts are sickened by the knowledge of the horror he inflicted. please respect our family's privacy at this difficult time.
>> we are starting to get a clearer picture of who the suspects were and what they were doing before they began the reign of terror. >> the city of boston and the city of cambridge and watertown and many other communities can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that two perpetrators that caused so many pain and anguish are no longer a threat to our safety and communities. >> and with that, the state-wide manhunt was over. the teen the fbi described as suspect number two in custody. 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev found inside a boat in watertown, massachusetts. and many cheered the law enforcement officials that successfully tracked him down. the suspect's brother, tamerlan tsarnaev was killed earlier after a gunfight with police. he left behind dreams of becoming a world-class boxer,
and we found a youtube page in his name linked to islamic websites. and then tamerlan tsarnaev was quoted as saying i don't have a single american friend. i don't understand them. he and his brother are from the russian caucuses, an area that includes the war-torn regions of chechnya and dagestan. the younger brother became a u.s. citizen on september 11th of last year, and tamerlan followed and got a green card. dzhokhar won a scholarship before enrolling at the university of massachusetts. and people we spoke to said they never saw any signs of trouble. >> regular teenager. did not suspect anything. he was on the wrestling team. went to parties with other students. yeah. he went to the prom. >> he was a wonderful kid.
we were proud of him. he was an outstanding athlete. he was -- there is nothing -- you know, he was never a troublemaker in the school. >> interviewed on friday, their father insisted his sons are innocent. >> translator: somebody framed them, and i don't know who did it but somebody did, and being cowards they shot the boy did, and there are cops like this. >> but the uncle in maryland said the boys were, quote, losers. >> being losers, and hatred to those that were able to settle themselves. i cannot imagine anything else, anything else but religion with islam. it's a fraud. >> meanwhile back in boston, the city is relieved the nightmare is over. >> it's a night where i think we will all rest easy. >> and president obama offered his congratulations echoing the spirit of a relieved community. >> whatever they thought they could ultimately achieve, they
have already failed. they failed because the people of boston refused to be intimidated. >> what an odyssey it has been from monday until now. >> yeah, and we will be searching for answers and asking questions. this is still a developing story. >> who were these two young men to adopt america as their home, only to turn on it. >> we will have a live report from dagestan straight ahead. ses to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjorn's small business earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth ] why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve unlimited rewards. here's your wake up call. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase every day. what's in your wallet? [ crows ] now where's the snooze button? dare to see the difference
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today the city of boston, the city of cambridge and the city of watertown and many other communities can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that two perpetrators that caused so much pain and anguish are no longer a threat to our safety and to our communities. >> that relief is not shared by the suspect's parents. >> this morning they are coming to term with their grief and anguish and they appear to be in denial about what their sons may have done. >> both men went to the school in dagestan. are you hearing anything new from the family this morning? >> reporter: we have heard nothing from the family.
i should excuse the background noise. they spent months here last summer assisting his father who lives behind me here, and they did work refurbishing apartments. the family is in complete shock. >> there has bench reaction to the bombing here. what is the reaction in dagestan? >> reporter: certainly people are trying to piece together how long they spent here. russian officials saying the sisters and the younger brother who are in custody now were only here five months. and the records we have seen shown they were in kazakhstan, and going to school for five
months, and then in 2002, going to united states. and tamerlan, the older one that was deceased in the boston attacks, it's not clear when he arrived in the u.s., but he did get a green card in 2006. that gives us a five-year window potentially. we don't know where he was. he could have been in russia and he would have been here at a time of extremism. the fallout from the second chechen war ending in 2000, a time in which radicals were getting a grip on this impoverished part of the world. >> i know it's hard to generalized, but what are the general opinions there of the united states? >> reporter: well, i think broadly across russia, sort of a nationalistic taking back to the cold war feeling a slight
resemblance of not wanting to embrace them in their daily lives. the radicals across the region, there's jihady rhetoric, a strong anti-american sentiment. and they targeted moscow. so when you describe this part of the word, anti-america is not prevalent, but it embraces the radicalism. >> thank you. friends and family of the bombing suspects giving descriptions of the brothers that will likely surprise you. you will hear from one of them that says he never stood out. that's coming up next. when i'm hungry, i feel like i want to faint.
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san francisco giants paying tribute to the victims to the boston marathon tragedy. this message, together we're boston appeared on the jumbo scoreboard against the san diego padres last night, keeping boston in their thoughts. and we want to tell you about the victims and their lives cut short in the tragedy. martin richard, he was waiting for his dad at the finish line when the explosion took his
life. the family thanked police for catching the suspects. and krystle campbell, and lingzi lu, coming to the u.s. to further her education. and then two bombs near the finish line at the race triggered a five-day nightmare. and an mit officer, sean collier, the fourth person to die. he was fatally shot while in his car on thursday night. charismatic, just one of the ways people are describing the
tsarnaev brothers. >> i think for the sake of everybody out here, the sake of the families, and everybody affected by the tragedy, we need questions answered. he is the one to do it. he is. he has incredible insight and this being because i feel like -- i don't want to make assumptions, but i feel like he was the follower in the situation, and he came out alive because he was scared. that's my assumption. i am not speaking for everybody. we needed him to come alive because we needed answers. >> a follower, suspected killer and terrorists. tell me about his older brother, how you knew him? >> i knew him as a high school friend. his sister, bella, was friends with my wife. and he was protective of little sister and he would always be around. we got together and we hit it off and had lunch and would
chitchat, and after high school we would see each other, and he would catch me up with his boxing inspirations, and he would mentor my cousin, david, and he was open to him and friendly and embraced that role. my question is what happened in the past year or two to make him flip a switch into evil? i will never understand that. >> when was the last time you spoke to either of them? >> two years ago, three years ago. something happened. >> and some say they talked about how reserved the older brother was, and it has been a couple years since you spoke to them. you think something happened? >> something happened. the crime doesn't fit the memory. >> tell me about the younger brother. you coached dzhokhar for a season. >> yeah, i coached him for a season in soccer. nothing stood out to me. there was nothing out of the
ordinary. >> he had a scholarship and liked by his friends and teachers liked him and coaches liked him, and it's not as if you look at this kid and his background, where there was a hardship that could have turned his heart hard. what kind of guy was he? >> i can't see anything that turned him into a person that he is being scene as and what he did. this leads me to believe that he was a follower, and he was brainwashed by somebody who was also brainwashed, and hopefully we get to the bottom of it, and it's incredible we got him alive. >> it's really almost a contradiction, because he was also -- he was the captain of his wrestling squad, because hi friends for a while there saw leadership in this young man, but you think he was a follower who followed his brother down this evil path? >> exactly.
that's what we preach in cambridge, leadership. create opportunities for yourself and follow them. he got a scholarship out of it and i don't know where it went wrong. >> what is the sense of your community of alums? >> everybody is shocked. everybody is shocked. i think i speak for a lot of people there. everybody is shocked. these are not the people that we knew. these people are -- were friendly. they cared about life. they had a respectful life at one point and clearly they don't know and they didn't lately. >> and the brother assimilated into american teenage life? >> yes. >> he came here when he was 8. >> they both were. >> the older brother, too? >> they were both normal and that's the term being tossed around. and they were normal but different at the same time. older brother was more serious, and he had m